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Cross Stitch Fabric and Afghans

It's important to note that browsers will not always show you a true color.  if in doubt, email me, and I will explain further.

Afghans ready to stitch

Counted Cross Stitch 10-Count
10-Count Tula, Tilla, Heatherfield and Betsy Ross Fabric.

Cross Stitch Fabric 11-Count.
11-Count Aida

Cross Stitch Fabric 12-Count

Cross Stitch Fabric 14-Count
14-Count Aida, Tula, and more

Cross Stitch Fabric 16-Count
Aida, Heatherfield, Betsy Ross and more

Cross Stitch Fabric 18-Count
Aida and more

Cross Stitch Fabric 22-Count
22-Count Hardanger linen and cotton

Cross Stitch Fabric 25-Count
Linen, Lugana, and more

Cross Stitch Fabric 28-Count
Lugana, Jobelan, Monoco, Linen and more

Cross Stitch Fabric 32-Count Linen
Many colors and sizes of 32-Count Linen Fabric

Cross Stitch Fabric 7-Count

Cross Stitch Fabric 8-Count
Aida and more

Miscellaneous Counts of Linen
Various counts, sizes and colors.

Pillow Cuts, Table Runners, and More
Many counts and patterns


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20-Count Cream Jobelan: 22" x 18"

One piece 10-Count Jobelan 22" x 18" by Zweigart

SALE     $ 19.99  $ 15.99

26-Count Natural Brown Linen

26-Count Natural Brown Linen by Zweigart. 18" x 18."

SALE     $ 13.39  $ 8.99

26-Count Shannon: F

26-Count Shannon:
SALE     $ 36.99  $ 18.99

27-Count Antique White Linda: F

37" x 36 piece of Antique White 27-Count Linda Fabric

SALE     $ 45.99  $ 23.99

27-Count Antique White Linda: F

19" x 18" Antique White Linda 17-Count. Cotton.

SALE     $ 11.99  $ 7.99

27-Count Tile Blue Linda: F

14" x 15.5" Tile Blue 27-Count Linda Fabric. Cotton.

SALE     $ 7.59  $ 4.99


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6-Count Beige Aida: F

38" x 33" piece of 6-Count beige Aida fabric.

SALE     $ 31.99  $ 16.99


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6.5 Count Waste Canvas

6.5-count waste canvas. 17 x 27 inches

SALE     $ 5.99  $ 2.99


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Sundial Peach tablecloth: F

34" x 34" piece of Sundial Peach fabric with two counts.

SALE     $ 14.99  $ 9.99