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Needlepoint: Pre-Worked Canvas and Kits

Needlepoint Kits and Pre-Worked Canvasses
*Tapestry Wool
42-yard skeins of DMC Tapestry Wool

Needlepoint Kits

Pre-worked Canvases
We have many pre-worked needlepoint canvasses in stock. NeedleCraft Cottage's main supplier of pre-worked needlepoint is Four Wives. We can order anything you see on their web page.


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DMC Tapestry Wool: Burgundy 7110

DMC Tapestry Wool. 42 yd skeins #7110. Burgundy

DMC 7110:
SALE     $ 5.49  $ 2.99

DMC Tapestry Wool: Deep Red/Maroon 7108

DMC Tapestry Wool, 42-yd skeins. #7108. Deep Red. All same dye lot.

SALE     $ 5.49  $ 1.99