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Precious Moments: PMR3

Precious Moments:  PMR3

Designs by Gloria and Pat presents "Gifts From the Heart"
Contents:  "Can't Picture A Better Friend Than You"
                "Chalk One up for Love"
                "Hugs and Butterfly Kisses"
                "Here's a Kiss that Couldn't Miss"
                "Love Grows Where you Plant it"
                "Some Bunny Loves You"
                "May He Keep You in His Love and Care"
                "You are the Sweetest Heart"
                "You Complete My Heart"
                "Friends are Gifts that Heaven Sends"
                "God is Love"
                "Dad, You Suit Me Perfectly"
                "Grandpa's Are a Gift From God"   
                "Hello Lord, It's Me Again"
                "I Believe in Miracles"
                "It's What's Inside that Counts"
                "Let the Whole World Know"
                "Loads of Love"