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Anchor Marlitt
100%Viscose nylon. 10 meters per skein. Made in Germany.

Caron Threads
Wildflowers, Impressions, Watercolors

Cottage Colours
A collection of hand dyed floss by Crescent Colours.

Crochet Cotton #10, #20, #30
DMC Cebelia #10, #20, #30 Opera, Precensia, Handy Hands

DMC 6-Strand Cotton Floss
Selected Colors of DMC 6-Strand Floss

DMC Medici Wool
Selected Colors of DMC Medici Wool

DMC Perle Cotton #12
Select colors of DMC Perle Cotton #12

DMC Perle Cotton #8
DMC Perle Cotton Balls #8. Variegated and solid colors. 10 gram balls.

DMC Perle Cotton Size #3
DMC Perle Cotton #3 Skeins.

DMC Perle Cotton Size #5
5 g skeins. Made in France. For colors, look at DMC 6-strand floss chart.

DMC Tapestry wool
Selected colors

Finca Precensia Cotton
Eqyptian Cotton great for tatting and crocheting. Doesn't tangle.

Gentle Arts Sampler Threads
Gentle Arts Sampler Threads . Colorfast.

Glissen Gloss Embroidery Thread
Glissen Gloss Colorwash, Estaz, Metallics and More.

Lizbeth: Size 3, 10, 20
Lizbeth Size 3 Lizbeth Size 10 Lizbeth Size 20

Stitching metallics. DMC, Krenik, Glissen Gloss and more.

Needle Necessities
Over-dyed floss and #8 Perle Cotton.

Rainbow Gallery
Our Selection

Weeks Overdyed Thread
Hand over-dyed Fiber Cotton Floss and Hand over-dyed Perle Cotton #5.

DMC Rayon Floss
Beautiful rayon floss for use in your special projects. Color numbers are the same as DMC embroidery floss.


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Boutique Filigree

Red Heart Boutique Filigree

SALE     $ 8.99  $ 5.99

Crescent Hand Dyed Perles #5

Crescent Colors Hand Dyed Perles #5: Bing Cherry.

SALE     $ 2.99  $ 0.99


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DMC Linen Floss: MT

Linen Floss by DMC. 8.7 yards per skein.

DMC Linen Floss:
SALE     $ 2.99  $ 1.99


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DMC Coton a Broder #12: THR

Ecru Coton a Broder DMC #12.

Price     $ 1.29

DMC Thread

DMC Flower Thread #2778. Flesh color

SALE     $ 2.99  $ 0.99


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Elsa Williams Pure Silk Collection

Collection of 12 colors of Elsa Williams Pure Silk Thread

SALE     $ 36.00  $ 19.99


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Embroidery Ribbon: Black

Spark Organdy Embroidery Ribbon. 9mm

SALE     $ 3.99  $ 1.49


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Silk Embroidery Thread: Green

Stickseide SILK embroider thread by Madeira.y

SALE     $ 2.99  $ 1.59


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Tatting Cotton #80: THR

Size 80 Majestic tatting thread #812. Purple

Price     $ 1.39

Cordonnet: Size 80

size # 80......430 m per ball. White only.

SALE     $ 4.99  $ 2.99